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The PI
The Professional Investor (Mentor)

The PI is not an Investment Advisory service. What the PI does is provide a broad range of investment tools to help the investor with the selection process.  First, there is stock screening based on various criteria like EPS, EPS growth, revenue growth, and profitability.  Then from this scaled down list of successfully screened securities, detailed financial analysis is done and rankings are established.

The specific algorithms used  include, Graham, O'Neill, Ziskin, and the Scientific Advisor, creator of the Risk Adjusted Relative Strength (RARS) concept.  RARS uses both beta and alpha to select higher beta stocks that also perform well in neutral or down markets.  In this module, the investor can do analysis using any or all of the above and show comparative rankings.  Through our cross-linking and licensing, the investor can then use technical analysis to determine the time to buy not just what to buy.  By cross-linking, we can achieve sales on various web sites and provide sales to other sites and increase the site hits for all participants.  Development of the various tools is not a difficult task.  The value added is to make these tools efficient, easy to use, and free of computer technology as far as the user is concerned.  And, the combination of both fundamental and technical tools is a major plus.

The home page has access to a stock ticker, charts, and detailed financial statistics on each of the 8000 securities.  This is all provided with OEM re-user agreements.  In this way, the Aztec Home Page will be a full service site for Individual Investors. As the Company develops, it is even conceivable that on-line trading can be provided using the services of a regular broker and software provided by the Company.  The major offering and source of revenue is The Professional Investor

Introducing "MY Mentor"

My Mentor: My Mentor is an individually configured site management tool for our subscribers.  Mentor was developed due to our own dissatisfaction with the tools available for the Individual Investor. I found all of the systems on the market were hard to use, difficult to understand, and very time consuming.
Everything was there, just the system architecture was poorly developed.

My Mentor changes all of that with an intuitive user interface that a novice computer user and a novice investor can utilize without pain and massive amounts of time. The first thing you see when you log on to The Professional Investor is a screen that allows you to establish your own My Mentor, to change your My Mentor, or to use your My Mentor. Once your profile is established, that is the Graphics User Interface you will utilize.

My Mentor determines the level of competence and sets up your User Interface to relate to that. This is not an easy task without our use of the new Internet Operating System (IOS).  IOS gives us the direct connections to relevant data with full security. IOS offers what we call intelligent data management. If you would like more on IOS, please go to:  

Once you have setup your account, you will be presented with a User Interface consistent with your knowledge of windows and financial applications. There is no need to be an expert in either of the categories. My Mentor will provide the information to you in your format. For experienced clients, more options are available and more specific topics can be selected based on My Mentor Screening Criteria

             My Mentor

Select: What do you want to do today?

Take the Risk Aversion Quiz
Perform Stock Analysis
   Select Analyst
   Select Industry
   All Industries
   Select Desired Rate of Return and Growth Rate (Recommended rates are provided
   Beta Rating related to RAQ Factor

Process My Portfolio
   Get Current Prices (Updates for HPR Calculation and portfolio valuation)
   Perform Portfolio Valuation
   Calculate Holding Period Return
   Perform analysis on My Portfolio (Does analysis on each stock and prints report)
   Zoom on Stock Data (Provides detailed display on complete financial data on selected Security on the Portfolio Listing)
   View Charts on My Portfolio
   Enter New Trades(Buys, sales, splits)

Technical Analysis (Links to charts, trading volume)
   Price Movement
   Breakout points
   Support Levels
   Interpretation of Charts (Note, the goal here is to actually read the charts for the client).

Best Buys. (A ranking based on your My Mentor criteria on projected rate of return over 3 years).
Easy to Read Reports and Rankings
Get the News (Provides recent information from the new wires on your holdings via Data Mining algorithm along with news on the Industry)

Trade now. (Link to your Trader and also update the Portfolio with Trades made)

Summarize This Session (A short report reviewing actions taken in this on line session)