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My Mentor
My  Mentor has establsihed your User Profile from the Risk Aversion Quiz results and your Windows proficiency test.  Your results indicate that you will appreciate this easy to use format for the Professional Investor.

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  My News

Your portfolio contains the following securities. Click on the Symbols and retrieve the latest news on that stock.


  GE just reported 1st Quarter earnings of $2.58. This exceeds analysts estimates by 12%. On an annualized basis, this puts GE earnings for the preceeding 12 months at $9.58.  Recomendations have changed to a strong buy.

My Mentor Recomendation: Buy at current market prices.

  IBM The previously announced move to sell PC's only on the Internet has reduced their market share by 8% for the last reported quarter. However, the impact on profits has been nominal. Longer term, analysts expect positive earnings from this decision as the Company focuses on more profitable opportunities.

My Mentor Recomendation: For the long term, consider buying. Short term pressure is not for Traders.

  Compaq Another Key Executive leaves Compaq to join a startup. Mr. X was in charge of Internet NonStop Systems, having joined Compaq with the Tandem Computer acquisition. The departure will delay the long awaited announcements on Fault Tolerant Servers as he was to take a major role in the announcements.

My Mentor Recomendation: Hold your current position. Watch the news.

  Honeywell The absence of any new news has created some anxiety for Hoenywell shareholders. The recent decline should be considered temporary says the XXX Research Department and shareholders should maintain their positions for the long term.

My Mentor recomendation: This could be a buying opportunity. Take advantage on any price weakness and buy.