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 Subscription Agreement
The Professional Investor

The Product: Aztec Solutions, Inc. is developing a full service financial site on the Internet.  The product is "The Professional Investor", a service for the individual investor and more. Key features of the site include up to 5 different Securities analysis programs, financial information on over 8000 securities, and links to various other financial resources. Access to the Aztec portal will be via the Internet with full service provided by this method.  Other advanced features are under development but are not identified until such time that our Patent is filed.  

Subscription Services: By signing this Agreement and submitting the funds, I (we) acknowledge that the services identified in this Agreement and as represented at the Aztec Web Site as of this date are not currently available.  It is understood that the final development of this site will require the early subscription financing provided by this Agreement.  The subscription date will be the date that the site is operational to provide analysis and financial data. All of the features may not be made available during the first release of the software but we understand that the site will be operational with an acceptable number of features, including, Analysis, charting, price quotes, financial news, and links to other related sites.  Advanced features outlined in the site will be operational with subsequent releases.

Terms of Service:  I (we) hereby sign up for 1 yr. ____  3 yrs.______  5 yrs.______
More_______  at $100 per year. Please indicate your preference.  It is also understood that Aztec Solutions, Inc. will provide free stock, the amount determined by the length of the early Subscription Agreement.  Example: 1 yr earns 100 shares, 3 yrs. earns 300 shares, 5 yrs. earns 500 shares.  Additional subscription years may also be selected as approved by Aztec Solutions, Inc.

Street Address:
Address 2:
Zip Code:
Email Address:
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Date:                             Signature                               

Accepted by Aztec Solutions, Inc.

Mel Arendt, President and Founder            Date
Note: You must be an U.S. citizen to take advantage of this free stock offer.

The Stock:  This stock is unregistered (pre IPO) at the present time. There is no market for the stock and there will not be a market until such time that it is registered with the SEC. It is the intention of the Company to have an IPO during the 3rd year of operations. Projections show that the Company will be profitable at that time.

Acknowledgment: I (we) acknowledge that we have reviewed the Aztec Solutions web page and understand the concepts that are specified.  It is further understood that the Company requires the funds from this early subscription program to enter the next stage of development, programming the web site as provided in the documentation. It is further understood that the Company will require additional financing at a later date.

Transmittal: Transmittal of this Agreement may be done via email or standard mail. Payment for the membership shall be done via regular mail once I (we) have been notified of acceptance of our Agreement by Aztec Solutions, Inc.

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