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Welcome to to Aztec Solutions and The Professional Investor

Notice to Viewers:

This web site has been developed to show what Aztec and the Professional Investor will offer in a short time. This is not and will not be the actual site. When looking at this site, please consider these facts.

The features and products reflected here are under active development and consideration. There will be other offerings and a totally different look to the real Web Site of Aztec Solutions. Click on Related Site at the bottom of this page to see a more accurate picture of what a real live site will look like.

Aztec Financial is a full service individual investors Web Site. You will find, Dow Jones Financial News, Featured Articles, a Trade Desk, Charting, DJIA, and the PROFESSIONAL INVESTOR. The Professional Investor (PI) is our featured product. It provides for detailed stock analysis using proven Fundamental Analysis tools. You can select any and all of 5 different algoythms, compare the results, and make your investment decisions. Once done, you can enter our Trading Desk and place your orders. Then, keep track of the results with our Portfolio Manager.

In addition, you can get online current stock prices, charting services, DJIA, and access to our Stock Data Base of over 8000 securities.

The Professional Investor is HOT. Plus, you can also get to Technical Analysis sites from here and featured financial reports and special reports.

The Professional Investor Theory of Operation
The PI is not an Investment Advisory service.  The PI provides a broad range of investment tools to help the investor with the selection process.  We offer a selection of 5 different stock analysis formulas and provide you with the database on over 8000 securities.
With the fantastic success of on-line trading, this service becomes even more valuable. By using on-line or discount brokers, the normal investment advisory services may not be available. And, security analysis is a thing of  the past. Aztec Solutions and the PI change all of that at a reasonable price.
First, there is stock screening based on various criteria like EPS, EPS growth, revenue growth, Insider Trading, Analysts recommendations, earnings Projections,  and profitability.  Then from this scaled down list of successfully screened securities, detailed financial analysis is done and rankings are established.
The specific algorithms used  include, Graham, ONeil, Ziskin, Fosback,  and the Scientific Advisor, creator of the Risk Adjusted Relative Strength (RARS) concept.  RARS uses both beta and alpha to select higher beta stocks that also perform well in neutral or down markets.  In this module, the investor can do analysis using any or all of the above and show comparative rankings.  
Through our cross-linking and licensing, the investor can then use technical analysis to determine the time to buy not just what to buy.  By cross-linking, we can achieve sales on various web sites and provide sales to other sites and increase the site hits for all participants.  Development of the various tools is not a difficult task.  The value added is to make these tools efficient, easy to use, and free of computer technology as far as the user is concerned.  And, the combination of both fundamental and technical tools is a major plus.
The home page has access to a stock ticker, charts, and detailed financial statistics on each of the 8000 securities.  This is all provided with OEM re-user agreements.  In this way, the Aztec Home Page will be a full service site for Individual Investors. As the Company develops, it is even conceivable that on-line trading can be provided using the services of a regular broker and software provided by the Company.  The major offering and source of revenue is The Professional Investor
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