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Aztec Solutions, Inc.




Aztec Solutions Inc. is a software development company.  The company was incorporated in 1994 in Delaware as a C corporation.  The company began in San Luis Obispo, California and is presently located in South Bend, Indiana.  The company is in the early stage of development and is seeking seed or start-up funding for the launch of its first product, the Professional Investor™.  The company is willing to relocate to suit the desires of the investing group.

Aztec Solutions was started to develop software applications that will allow the everyday computer user to make the most effective use of the Internet.  The founders believe that while the internet is already dramatically changing the way we do things, it remains underutilized and its present potential unavailable to most computer users.  The founders of Aztec Solutions see in the internet the mechanism to put complex and highly sophisticated analytical tools in the hands of average computer users - thereby enabling such users to work more productively and at a higher level than their academic training would provide.  Aztec was created to provide the solutions to the oft heard statement " . . . if only the computer could . . . "

The goal of the company is to be the industry leader in applications that utilize the Internet to deliver complex computing for securities analysis without the need for advanced skills in computer technology or financial knowledge beyond the basic fundamentals.  The company takes its inspiration from the great civilization that dominated Mexico from the 13th through the 16th centuries.  These people developed advanced mathematical concepts that led early societies in the knowledge of the stars, the sun, and the moon.

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To contact us:

Phone: 219-289-8606