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The Professional Investor

reach of even the wealthiest of investors to keep up with by himself.  The results have not been pretty, according to the SEC, with better than 70% of online investors losing money.  This fact, however, has not doused the growth of this market, rather, it has created a demand for better tools for the online investor to use.


The founders of Aztec Solutions anticipated this scenario at the nascent of online investing in 1994.  The need for a solution to this problem was the founding vision of the company.  The founders envisioned putting sophisticated investment analysis tools, the same tools and techniques used by professional analysts and money managers, in the hands of the average online investor via the Internet.  The result of four years of research and development is the Professional Investor™. 

The Professional Investor is an Internet enabled investment analysis application.  The PI uses a proprietary process of sub-applications to employ proven algorithms and analytical techniques to perform professional level fundamental and technical security analysis based upon an investor's predetermined preferences or goals.  The key to the PI is that all of the analysis is done "behind the scenes", out of sight of the investor.  The investor does not have to learn, or even be familiar with these techniques and tools.  The investor tells the PI what he likes and what he is trying to do.  The PI will tell him specifically what he should buy, when and at what price.  This is a major change from the current offering of investment tools available.   

Generally, the present crop of investment tools fall into either of two categories - the overly complex technical tools, like MetaStock, and the basic fundamental tools which provide charts and bookkeeping functions. (See Competitor Analysis attached as Appendix B)  The Professional Investor is a dramatic improvement over what is presently available in the market.

The PI is ready.  It does not need developing, but it still needs to be programmed into a web site. This is a significant undertaking requiring the hiring of eight full-time programmers. 

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