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The Professional Investor Subscription Site.
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Order Now, Get Free Pre-IPO stock
Subject: Sign up now and receive Free Pre-IPO Stock, $ for $! The Professional Investor!

The Market: With the dramatic success of the discount/Internet Trading companies, the market for the Professional Investor now reaches millions of prospects. Discount Brokers do not usually offer securities research to their clients. These Individual Investors have a need for an ultra professional, but easy to use Stock Analysis Tools and information. The answer is “The Professional Investor.” Become a subscriber and shareholder now.

Our Company, Aztec Solutions, Inc. has been established for 5 years. We have developed a complete Internet based Stock Analysis System with many advanced concepts. These advanced features cannot be discussed until we file our patent application. Our membership will cost $100 per year. For this, you receive Stock Valuation Algorithms, 5 different techniques, on line access to complete financial data on over 8000 securities, price quotes, charting services, financial newsletters, and more. There is a lot of free financial information on the Internet today. We will provide all of this plus The Professional Investor. There is nothing as complete as this. A total financial site for The Individual Investor. Our easy user interface removes the complexity of the Internet and Financial Concepts, totally. Intelligent Data Management software is the key.

We propose that Investors may like the idea for a very early chance to obtain Pre-IPO stock in an Internet Financial Company. Members may sign up for 1, 3, or 5 years and receive Free stock commensurate with the amount of the pre-launch price. Stated differently, a one-year Subscription will receive 100 shares, a 3-year subscription, 300 shares, etc. Even larger amounts will be accepted. The Funds received will be used only for completing the development. An anticipated Launch date is 6-8 months from the date this new activity is funded. Your personal subscription to the Professional Investor will start on the day the application is launched on the Internet.

You may visit our information site at: This site will not be our final site. This was developed only to transfer information to investors and potential customers. Check out the Investors Only Link for the Executive Summary, Resumes, and our Power Point Presentation. You will see that a tremendous amount of work has been done. These funds will be utilized to finalize programming of the applications for the Internet and to develop our Web Page. Our easy user interface removes the complexity of the Internet and Financial Concepts.

We do not need your commitment at this time, merely a statement of interest. Subscription forms and a contract will follow upon your request. Contact Aztec at Put “The Professional Investor” in the Subject Line.

Aztec Solutions, Inc.

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