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The Plan

Given the programmers and adequate funds to begin, the product would be ready for launch within 12 -18 months.  Of course, hiring more programmers could reduce this time.  The company intends to apply for a business process patent for the Professional Investor, as some of the applications necessary to make it work are new inventions.  This also presents a substantial barrier to entry by imitators in the market.  Again, no testing is needed to prove if the PI will work.  The founders have done this and know that it will.  The only testing to be done will be to make sure the product works properly, to ensure customer satisfaction.


The company intends to market the PI through its own web site.  The web site will be a full service financial information portal.  The site will off up to the minute news and information, a database of more than 8,000 securities updated constantly and of course the PI.  The web site will offer links to on-line brokers and to the companies themselves - both to be used in conjunction with the PI.  The site will be highly interactive offering web casting and potentially live chats with financial news commentators or analysts.  The company will initiate a triparte advertising and publicity campaign - involving print, radio and TV advertising - to generate interest in the PI and drive people to the site.  This campaign will begin during the programming phase prior to the actual launch of the site, and will intensify upon launch.

The primary source of revenue of will come from the licensing of the PI to users through Internet downloads.  The company will offer the PI for $100 per year.  This is the present market price for the average bookkeeping programs that do not have the features of the PI.  The price of $100 includes a 60% profit margin.   Recurring revenues will come from renewals and joint promotions with brokerage firms or other strategic partners at a reduced price.  The company projects revenues of over $60,000,000 by year 5 with Net Profits exceeding 25%.

My Mentor

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